Yesterday was a miniature sampling of what my life is really all about. Let me tell you what I mean.


The day began with me frolicking under the rain with my 4 year old son, Marco. Like a child again, I took delight in chasing my little boy around mud puddles at our front porch.


Then on a serious note, I sat down with my pre-teen daughter Robelle as we try to sort out her colossal challenges in life…like which barkada outing to go to this summer.


Of course, my 7 year old son Franco had to literally pin me down on a chair just for me to listen to his piano masterpiece, his masterful rendition of the Mozart-caliber “Ole Mcdonald had a farm”.


After lunch, I had to drive for my 10 year old Mara as she went out with her friends for an afternoon at Art in Island Museum.


In between, I had to get some work done. Emails to send. Talks to make. A book to write. Meetings to prepare for.


Then after work, I had to drive for my wife Jeng to her meeting before proceeding to my own.


Don’t get me wrong. No one’s complaining here. In fact, I loved every minute of it.


But I just couldn’t help wonder though if I should’ve spent my day trying to earn more money rather than do those “errands” for my family. I laughed the thought off as I began to retire last night after a long day. Coming from a lengthy drive from my meeting, all I wanted to do was to hit the sack and doze off.


But as I opened my closet, I saw it.


There, perched on top of my clothes was this simple note which would make the “Mona Lisa” painting cringe in shame in terms of value. My daughter Mara, as if speaking for everyone else in the family, wrote:


“Thank you Papa for everything. I love you so much. I love you. – Mara”


My eyes glistened. I sat at the foot of the bed gazing at my children sleeping soundly.


I am a preacher.

I am a lawyer.

I am a writer.

I am a radio anchor.

I am a motivational speaker.

I am a community leader.


But at the end of the day, I will always be just a Dad.


My family is my joy, my treasure, my all.


Today, I encourage you to take stock of your life and make that decision to celebrate your relationships. For though awards grow old, achievements forgotten and promotions grow stale, the memories you create and spend with those you love stay in their hearts long after you are gone.


So go and do it today. Not tomorrow. Not later. Today.


Celebrate what truly matters most.


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