Recently, I have been hooked to watching the highly-acclaimed television series, “Designated Survivor”. Judging the leadership style of lead character US President Kirkman, played by veteran actor Kiefer Sutherland, I’d say that his leadership style is one that can be characterized as “Compassionate Leadership”.

What is “Compassionate Leadership”?

Compassionate leadership is one that places emphasis on…

…people more than programs;

…relationships more than results;

…reason more than rules; and

…the spirit of the law more than the standard of the law.


His is one that doesn’t stifle creativity for the sake of conformity.

His is one that encourages diversity for the sake of synergy.

His is one that empowers not controls.


I too have my flaws as a leader. Daily, I struggle to love people more than use them.

Today, I pray for the grace to lead with compassion.

Just like a fictional leader like Kirkman.

Just like a real one like Jesus.



Lately, we have been convincing our youngest son, four year old Marco, to give up drinking from his baby bottle. It is quite a struggle.

This morning, my son Franco came up to me and said, “Papang, can you allow Marco to keep using his baby bottle? I am sad for him. I hope you can allow him to use it maybe until he’s ten years old.”

My heart melted.

Here is the older brother interceding for his younger sibling. Hugging Franco tightly in my arms, I whispered, “Because you asked, I will.” (Perhaps one more month, I thought. Definitely not until he’s ten.)

Jesus, our older brother, does the same thing for all of us.

Before His Heavenly Father, he comes on our behalf.

“Father, Bobby blew it again today. He can never control his temper. Please forgive him.”

“Father, Bobby’s mind is filled with negative thoughts. Have mercy on him.”

“Father, Bobby can’t seem to hold his tongue. Mercy, Father.”


Jesus, the first-born of all creation, the elder brother, melts the heart of the Father in heaven.

In the Bible it says:

“Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.” (Hebrews 7:25)

Today, I encourage you. Come to Jesus. Ask. Beg. Plead. Confidently.

He loves you and He will stand in the breach for you.

For your marriage.

For your health.

For your bills.

For your ministry.

He is your loving older brother. Aren’t you glad you have one?