Hitting the Mark

This morning, I was showing Marco, my 2 year old, the basics of my favorite sport.

“Your right arm’s form should be on right angle” I began as I steadied Marco’s stance. “Your left hand should support the ball. Bend your knees. Eyes on the basket. Now, shoot!”

Marco, with all his 2 feet frame, heaved the basketball towards the basket. He missed it by a mile. Nowhere near. Far, far away.

“Great Marco! Great effort! Gumagaling ka na anak! (You’re becoming better!)” I said as I took him in my arms and lifted him up in the air.

Then it dawned on me.

The effort of my son to hit the mark pleased me already. Could it be the same thing with God?

The definition of sin is “missing the mark”.

Don’t we always do — “miss the mark”? We try our best to be good but we always end up sinning.

We try to avoid gossip but end up contributing a careless remark or two.
We try to keep our eyes pure but end up glancing at that scantily clad model on the billboard.
We try not to get angry at that reckless driver on the road but end up beating him up in our thoughts.

Sometimes, I wonder if God ever gets fed up with me when I sin. Does he ever raise his hands in exasperation when I fall? Does he ever throw in the towel and say “I give up!”?

Perhaps my experience with Marco this morning could enlighten us a bit on the incredible fatherly love of God.

In the same way that I tried to teach Marco to hit the mark, God also tries to teach us His ways everyday to live a good life.

In the same way that I encouraged Marco to make the shot, God also tries to encourage us to live righteously.

In the same way that Marco missed the shot, we also miss our shots often.

But my love for Marco is always on the mark even if his shots are not.

In the same way, God’s love for us is always on the mark even if our lives are often off the mark. All he asks of us is to try our best to live a good life. Because the effort in itself already pleases Him.

So the next time you miss the mark, don’t hesitate to look up. Someone whose love is greater than your misses is about to take you in HIs arms and raise you up!

Have a blessed week, my friend!


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