Lost in the Moment

Different questions. Same thought.

“What are you doing here, Eli’jah?” (1 Kings 19:13)

This was the same Elijah who just witnessed fire come down from heaven. Same bold Elijah who mocked the hundred or so prophets of Baal. Same victorious Elijah who defeated them in that classic duel on Mt. Carmel.

Lost in the moment, Elijah forgot God’s past glory and succumbed to his fears.

Generations later, another bold servant of the Lord was questioned, “O man of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31)

This was the same Peter who spent three years with Jesus on the road. Same Peter who saw the large catch of fish. Same Peter whose mother-in-law was miraculously healed. Same Peter who saw miracle upon miracle happen before his very eyes.

Lost in the moment, Peter took his eyes off Jesus and sank beneath the raging tempest of the sea.

Aren’t we the same?

Quick to forget.
Easily dissuaded.
Hastily panics.

We are often lost in our moments of trial and difficulty that we forget our “Mt. Carmels”. We are often lost in our fears and worries that we forget our “great catch of fish”.

When God healed you from that illness.
When God provided for you in that need.
When God protected you from that calamity.
When God rescued you from that predicament.

Yes, for an instant, we would often bask in his glory. Until the next trial comes. Then we are lost in the moment again and forget.

Are you in a bind now, my friend?

Remember Elijah.
Remember Peter.

God sent his angel to minister to Elijah under the broom tree. Jesus yanked Peter out of the storm.

What makes you think He won’t do it for you?


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