When God Backs You Up

As a regular client of Grabcar, I was quite surprised to find myself unable to book a car at early dawn yesterday going to the airport for my plane trip to Legaspi City for a speaking engagement. After several tries, I decided to try Grabtaxi, although not pinning much hope on it knowing that it is harder to book a taxi than a car. To my surprise, though, a taxi driver responded to my request and in a few minutes, I found myself in the taxi maneuvering our way through the “world’s largest parking lot” — EDSA.

Glancing at my watch every now and then, my thoughts turned to the prospect of missing my flight due to the horrendous traffic. I can imagine my participants in Albay, the Mayors, Vice-Mayors and Councilors of the Municipality of Daraga, waiting for their guest speaker who never shows up. What an embarrassment that would be. I said a prayer, “Lord, if you really want me speak for you in Albay, you will make a way for me through this traffic.”

After a few minutes, I was pleasantly surprised to find ourselves moving a little faster. I looked up. We were on the service lane or the “bus” line as it is now designated by the MMDA.

“Di ba pang-bus lang po ito?”, I queried.
“Ay sir. Pwede po dito ang taxi.” the man replied. “Kotse po ang bawal dito.”

I looked at the private cars’ lane and yes, it was a massive parking lot. Traffic was really bad.

Then it dawned on me. God saw the traffic early on. And if he allowed me to book a car, then I will have to weave may way through the unreasonable traffic on the private lane. But because I was on a taxi, I had an express lane through the service road.

To cut the long story short, I made in time for my flight and in time for my talk in Albay. And it was a blast! I was blessed as much as they were. Books were sold out. I was treated to a sumptuous lunch. And I boarded my flight back to Manila with a full stomach as well as a full heart. God is truly good. And when He backs you up, He will surely find a way for you.

My friend, do you find yourself in an unexpected and perhaps disadvantageous situation despite trying to follow God’s will and God’s ways in your life? May I encourage you to trust Him still?

He won’t let you “book a car” when you need a “taxi” instead.
He won’t let you have that promotion yet when you need to grow in patience first.
He won’t let you have that person if He has someone better for you.
He won’t let you win now if losing is what you need to be stronger.
He wont’ let you succeed in this field if he wants you to devote yourself to a better field for you.

God sees the “traffics of life” before you do. And when He backs you up, just trust Him.

He will surely make a way for you!


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