We often hear the all-too-familiar encouragement to live in the present. True, because if you don’t, you might miss out the blessing of the here and now. On the other hand, if you get too pre-occupied with the present, you might lose sight of what is sure to come.Death.

Oh you’ve seen it rear its ugly head or smelled the stench of its filthy breath, haven’t you? It may have been while you were comforting a friend who just lost someone he or she loved. Or it may have been while holding the hand of someone you loved as he or she slowly expired on that hospital bed. Or it may have been while they were lowering down the coffin which contained the lifeless body of someone you cared about.

And it may never have occurred to you that the tables will one day turn — that someday, you will have to play a different role in the drama called life; that you won’t be the comforter, or the mourner; but that somebody else will comfort the ones you love or that someone else will shed a tear for you.

Advent is a time to be reminded once again about the mortality of life.

Advent is a stepping back to see life as it is —- a temporary assignment; a mere stopover.

Advent is a season to take stock of one’s life and see what really matters most.

Advent is a moment to put one’s house in order.

Yesterday, I made an inventory of what I have and began to “purge” my closet with my excess.

I always believed that what I haven’t worn for at least a year is no longer mine. So off to the hamper they went. In a few weeks, they will be given away to those who can really make better use of them. Clothes that I no longer use, redundant or even those clothes which for some reason, seemed to have shrunk (especially on the tummy portion) were removed from the clutter of my closet. In other words, I was putting my house in order so that I can do away with my excess and keep what I truly need.

Advent is likewise a time to put your spiritual house in order.

Remove the excesses which burden you. Put away the old self and put on the new. Clean up the clutter in your mind and heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to breathe on you afresh. Make an inventory of what you have and keep only those which really, really matter.

Let me give you a test: If you are living your last day on this earth, what are the things you would choose to invest your remaining time on? Your answer to this question will show to you what you really value in this life.

This Advent season, go ahead, clean up your closet and do away with the excesses.

Life is short.

Invest it on what truly matters most.


When I was a little boy, my late father, who used to put his arm around me while watching the delayed telecast of PBA games on TV, would say, “Son, one day you’d be doing wonderful things in Araneta Coliseum”, referring of course to his dream of me one day playing ball in the PBA.
As in previous years, just like last Sunday in Catchfire, I have come to realize that God had somehow honored my father’s wish.
I never got to play in the Big Dome, but I got to preach there.
I never got to make shots but I got to make disciples.
I never got to win games, but I got to win souls.
My friend, God is a dreamgiver.
If He planted that dream in your heart, he is committed to fulfill it. Perhaps not in the way you expect him to. But in the way that is perfect for you!