As a young boy, I remember how carefree life was for me.No bills to pay.
No deadlines to meet.
No future to secure.

My greatest crisis was the emergence of acne on my pubescent face. My worst fear was failing to have a haircut in time for the Boy Scout inspection. My biggest disaster was when my crush didn’t notice me in my new pair of skinny jeans — nothing that a warm and cuddly hug from Papang and Mama at the end of the day could not address.

I remember those days like it was just yesterday. Bad days were washed away instantly with laughter around our dining table, and my worst fears appeased with watching the delayed telecast of a PBA game with my dad just before bedtime.

Life was simple then. Until I had to grow up.

It’s true for me. I guess it’s true for most.

You see, by nature, time moves. Pretty soon you find yourself off to college. Graduation. Job interviews. Work. Work. Work.

It’s like leaving the Shire and off to Mordor.

Fairy tales become a thing of the past. The invincibility of your Power Ranger persona is now jolted with daily bouts with acid reflux and migraines. Your swordfights against ancient dragons are now often replaced with daily skirmishes with office stress. Your cowboy horse rides are now substituted with daily traffic commutes.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love my life as a grown up. But there are some days when you just wish life was simpler. When you can pause. When you can rest. When you can cuddle up to your dad and mom as they squeeze your woes away.

It’s a good thing that a phrase in scriptures reminds us of how to find our rest from all this:

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

There is one place where we can be children again. A place of refuge. A place of comfort. A place of peace.

Find that place today.

In the chapel.
In your room.
On the bus.

He invites you to turn to Him anytime. Pour out your heart. Shed those tears. Be vulnerable. Be real. Let His soothing love appease you. Let His warm embrace secure you. Let His comforting words edify you.

For though in truth you are no longer a child, in His eyes, you will always be.


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