Dear Franco,

On this your 6th year, I want you to know once more that I love you very much. In fact, I love you so much that I want you to understand the life that I have chosen if only to make you appreciate what I hope to achieve for you. I know that you are still too young to understand what I write here, but someday, you will remove this from some stuffy old drawer, and read. Really read. And then I hope that on that day, you will look back with greater appreciation for this God who called me to this ministry.

Because of the life I’ve chosen,

I may not be able to leave you a hefty inheritance but I hope to leave you an enormous legacy.

I may not be able to leave you an earthly mansion but I am working to give you an eternal one.

I may not be an excellent teacher when it comes to saving money but I can sure teach you how to save souls.

I know I am not your typical dad who does the fixing in the house (Your mother does that!) but I can coach you on how to help others fix their lives.

I know I travel a lot to save souls but please know that I will cross oceans in a second just to save you.

I may not get to buy all the toys you want to play with but know that I want you to remember me as the “toy” who loves to play with you.

I can actually earn a lot and spend a lot of money on you if I want to but I choose to earn your love instead by spending my time with you.

I may not be able to introduce you to the big shots of this world, but I hope that as you grow up, I get to introduce you slowly but surely to the “biggest shot” of the Universe because He alone matters.

I say this not to justify my choices nor do I say that my choice is better than the choices of other Dads. We all make choices based on what we believe is right. I say this so you know that everything I do, no matter how crazy they may seem at times, I always do for you.

I love you, Buddy. Happy Birthday!



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