Moses thought his best years were behind him. In fact, he might have already been thinking of retirement.Of morning walks and afternoon naps.
Of family dinners and quiet evenings.
Of long and meaningful conversations with his wife and of recounting old tales to his children.

But as always, God had other plans.

Speaking through a burning bush, God revealed to Moses his amazing rescue plan for his people and how Moses will play a prominent role in it.

It seemed like God was not done with him yet. Apparently, his best years were still ahead of him.

How about you, dear friend? Are you reaching the end of your rope?

You might be at the tail end of a long and fruitful career and is now in the process of winding down, or you might feel browbeaten by your futile efforts at success and is on the brink of giving up.

Know that God always has other plans.

In Isaiah, it says: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” (Isaiah 55:8)

When you say “I’m done”, God says “Let’s go!”
When you say “This is it”, God says “There is more!”
When you say “It’s the end”, God says “When do we start?”

Nothing is ever too late for God’s most spectacular miracles in your life.

He did it to Moses.

He can do it to us too!


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