When our son Franco received his gifts for Christmas the other night, he couldn’t stopped thanking us. While his endless “thank yous” did not add value to his gratitude, it added inexplicable warmth in our hearts. The voluntary and almost instinctive “Thank you, Papang and Mama” which echoed from his lips throughout the night as he played with his toys evoked unmatched joy within us — a delightful pinch in the heart, you might say. “So this is how it feels for someone to really, really thank you”, I said to myself. And then it dawned on me. Have I ever really, really thanked God enough?

For exchanging his throne for a manger…
His scepter for a cross…
His palace for a stable…
His glory for indignity…
His honor for shame…all for my sake?

I don’t think so.

How often do I undermine his sacrifice with the way I live my life?
For uttering careless words that tear down instead of build up?
Or thinking unholy thoughts?
Or turning away when I should have helped?
Or walking away rather than indulge?

On this Christmas season, I wish I can be like Franco — really grateful to my Father. For loving me. For blessing me. For saving me.

And may my life reflect that gratitude. Let every time that I say no to temptation or sacrifice for the good of another be my expression of thanks for what God has done for me on that first Christmas day. May my endless “thank yous” to my heavenly Father be what Franco’s endless “thank yous” to me were — an inexplicable yet delightful pinch in the heart.

I pray the same for you.

Have a blessed Christmas, my friend!


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