When we watch a marvel movie, my kids would often insist that we stay for the post-credit scene which takes place…well…after the credits. (Obviously!) Long after other people have left, we would be there glued to our seats waiting for the avengers to suit up again one last time before we pack for home.Satan never stayed for the post-credit scene on that first Good Friday.

When Jesus breathed his last on the cross, Satan went celebrating with his minions. He didn’t get to watch the post-credit scene. He thought the last scene was a cross on a hill. He didn’t get to watch that scene where the boulder was rolled from the entrance of the tomb. Had he stayed behind, he would have realized that his merriment was embarrassingly premature.

That is the story of Satan’s life vis a vis every believer of the Lord.

No matter what he throws at us, if we hold on to Jesus to the end, we will still emerge victorious.

Death will not have the final say. Life will!
Sin will not have the closing encore. Holiness will!
Fear will not have the ultimate blow. Faith will!
Hate will not have the last word. Love will!

All Jesus asks of us is to hold on. No matter what “Good Fridays” you may be going through. Never let go. Never give up. Never throw in the towel. Keep loving. Keep serving. Keep believing.

Because for those who hang on, the post-credit scene of your life will not be a lifeless hill under a gloomy sky but rather, an empty tomb bathed in glorious light!



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