Many people look outside themselves to know God’s will for their life. While this is highly recommended, doing so should not be at the expense of looking within. You see, God’s will is often built-in to how He made you. By the way God designed you, you will have an idea as to his plans for your life.

By its design, a bird knows it is not meant to crawl.
By its design, a snake knows it is not meant to swim.
By its design, an elephant knows it is not meant to fly (unless it is Dumbo!).

Know yourself and you will have some idea of your purpose in life.

Early in my life, I already had a clue that I was meant to communicate.

I loved public speaking. I joined declamation contests and even made my own elocution pieces.

I also wrote my own comic books and novels which were all for my personal consumption. Computers were inaccessible then so most of my “books and novels” were all written by hand.

But I was also raised in a family of lawyers. The law runs through my blood and I took fancy of court litigations and politicians.

So today, that’s what I am: a lawyer, an author and a preacher.

Combining my love for communication and the law, I also teach legal ethics through the spoken and written word.

I have not yet fully exhausted God’s plans for me as a lawyer, author and preacher. But I am just all too glad to enjoy the ride.

Before you can know what you are meant to do, self-knowledge is key. Understanding and appreciating how God made you will lead you to where God wants you to be.

In Jeremiah 29:11, it says: For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm, plans to give you hope and a future.

Today, first things first.

List down your wonderful qualities. What talents do you have? What wonderful character traits do you possess? What are you passionate about? What experiences in life, both good and bad, can you use to be a blessing to others?

Acknowledge your weaknesses. Don’t be afraid of them. They are not your masters. You are. Resolve to be more aware of them and guard yourself against them.

Ask godly people you know to validate what you think of yourself. Be vulnerable. Be humble. Be accountable.

Finally, check what scriptures say about you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (See Psalm 139:14). You are God’s child. (See Galatians 3:26) You are so much loved. (See Jeremiah 31:3)

Get to know the beautiful person that God made in you. As you do, be ready to see the unfolding of God’s equally beautiful plans for you!

Excited for you, my friend!




Do you really want to please God? Let me share with you one sure-fire way:

Praise Him.

In all circumstances, praise Him. Praise Him not after you survive a difficulty but in the midst of it. Praise Him not when battle has been won but even when the battle is still fierce. Praise Him even when the past is regretful, the present unsatisfying, and the future uncertain. Praise Him, not tomorrow, but today. Not when your situation is better but even when it is at its worst. Praise with your words and with your life.

Bear this in mind: To praise God is to please Him.

And when we please God, He brings victory into our lives.

The Bible says:

“For the LORD takes pleasure in his people; he adorns the humble with victory.” (Psalm 149:4)

We are so used to thanking people after they have done us good. It is a different thing with God. We thank Him even before He brings victory into our lives.

He might answer us in a way different from our expectation. But if we praise Him in all circumstances, He will surely grant us victory in the way that is perfect for us.

This week, decide to be a person of praise. And before you know it, you will also be known as a person of victory!